What Hershey Candy Bar are You?

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Hershey personality test

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As the ratio of available confections changes as confections are consumed by the subject, it is important to start from a standardized state as well as to avoid adding additional chocolates to the remaining set as they are consumed. A "bite and suck" BS subject indicates a lack of anxiety while still conforming to the societal norms and standards. Certain indicators may be disavowed, expecially by subjects stating "I don't like that kind".

Hershey personality test

Forming the HMPI Clinical Profile After the subject has been observed and the preference ordering or lack of ordering obtained, the clinical profile is formed by combining the salient points of the strong preferences, strong rejections, and the secondary observations. Goodbar" embody a self-image of old-fashioned virtue and a semi-Calvinist attitude of "one gets what one deserves". An extension of this testing methodology to multiple subjects and resupplied confections will be developed in future research.

Hershey personality test

Hershey personality test

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