This 'Homoji' Keyboard Brings Queer Shorthand To Your Text Messages

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Video about homoji:

So just try to lower your hackles for this one. MajestyK plans to incorporate in the future an educational and historical aspect to the application. I would encourage MajestyK to hire some queer artists to contribute more designs to the app, especially women and non-binary artists, and to consider donating any financial proceeds they might receive from it in the future to The Trevor Project or other similar charities.


Maybe some diverse images of people holding hands. Like, say, rock music.



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  1. As soon as the brainstorming started, we realized that we were right and the project immediately took on a life of its own. Those are just some fun ideas, off the top of my head!

  2. MajestyK plans to incorporate in the future an educational and historical aspect to the application.

  3. Maybe some diverse images of people holding hands. In addition to reflecting the way in which homosexual men and women communicate "really" with each other, which other applications have failed to capture.

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