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Horseback riding corpus christi area

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Even with the overcast night due to several lights in the overnight tent camping area, we were not blinded by darkness and I felt secure, especially with my fellow trail riders camping near me. Beach riding is amazing and I highly recommend it to all equestrians. I appreciate being notified of this change by one of our WTTA visitors.

Horseback riding corpus christi area

When camping overnight you will need to check in at the office, pay your fees, and collect a permit to place on your truck and trailer. Once returning to camp, I gave Angel a good hosing with fresh cool water and she was quick to take some long drinks.

Horseback riding corpus christi area

Horseback riding corpus christi area

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  1. Horses on the Beach is a family-friendly business that welcomes riders of all skill levels to hop in the saddle.. The crowd is thickest in front of the Balli Park office, at the pier, and north of the pier.

  2. We were greeted by a rainbow and fellow ACTHA members camping the night before the competitive trail ride. Luckily, the beach was not too crowded at that time and both horses were calm but wary of the odd smelling water rolling onto the shore.

  3. Continue on towards Padre Island. Parts of this beach also had vehicle traffic from trucks, ATVs, and cars.

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