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The apps were formerly known as Accompli, which was acquired by Microsoft in December , and were rebranded as Outlook Mobile in January Yes, to find the link for registration of mail on hotmail on a site not so it is simple, as navigation there is strongly confused.


Well though that registration on hotmail. As a result of user feedback, Hotmail was updated so that scrolling works for users who have the reading pane turned off. Aliases[ edit ] Users can create additional, unique email addresses, called aliases, for their Microsoft account.



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  1. Quick views and one-click filters[ edit ] Quick views allow users to filter all emails in all folders by document attachments, photo attachments, flagged messages, or shipping updates. Using the Outlook connector, users can freely access email messages, contacts, and calendars in any Outlook.

  2. For example, any photo attachments can be previewed directly using Active View. The list of unique features of the Hotmail is below.

  3. You have to pick the option — Create An Account or the Sign Up option Now fill the details on the page of Sign Up with all the required information The user should also enter the personal information for creating an account on Hotmail.

  4. Further can check up mail on wwww. In addition, the 2 Step Verification is an important security feature to protect your account from hackers.

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