Keep those nosy colleagues away with 6 easy tricks

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How to deal with nosy coworkers

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According to etiquette consultant Maralee McKee at Manners Mentor, people often shut up when you give them an answer -- any answer. Avoid being drawn into discussions with the difficult coworker if HR or management has taken disciplinary action.

How to deal with nosy coworkers

This approach is especially ideal if you don't feel that reporting the coworker is appropriate. State why you do not appreciate this behavior, using specific examples. Every once in a while, you will come across an overly curious colleague who crosses a line.

How to deal with nosy coworkers

How to deal with nosy coworkers

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  1. HR or management will likely respond to your complaint by talking to the difficult employee and possibly instituting some form of discipline.

  2. Paint your life in the most boring way one can image and appease their thirst for the interesting details of your life.

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