What Is Your Aura Color?

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How to find my aura color

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I have this 'devil-may-care' attitude towards life that often gets me into trouble. It may also help to draw quick pictures of the subject, or to make swatches of the different colors or shades you see with colored pencils or watercolors.

How to find my aura color

You can use the peripheral vision technique or taking your eyes out of focus technique to train yourself and see your own aura. I am easily bored and jump from one thing to other. I cannot harness my feelings and emotions, and tend to be jumpy.

How to find my aura color

How to find my aura color

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  1. It somewhat looks like those luminous patterns that we see after we rub our eyes, only with more prominent colors. The aura colors can mingle to ceate a rainbow auric effect or one chakra may be more prominent in your body and serves as a guide for your life purpose.

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