Poke? Prod? Separate bedrooms? How to Handle a Snoring Spouse

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How to get your boyfriend to stop snoring

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Just remember to approach the subject softly. You can also try the Sona Pillow-a pillow designed to keep him from rolling onto his back.

How to get your boyfriend to stop snoring

Cut Back on Alcohol The first way to help your guy stop snoring is to cut back on alcohol. Please enter a valid email address Submit We respect your privacy.

How to get your boyfriend to stop snoring

How to get your boyfriend to stop snoring

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  1. Have Him Sleep on His Side Studies have shown that sleeping on your back encourages snoring more so than any other position. If it takes more than two or three prods to stop your snoring, your sleep mate deserves the bed to him- or herself.

  2. That can be a bummer since most guys sleep on their backs-but if your guys loves you and wants the best for his health as well, he'll make the switch.

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