5 Unmissable Signs That a Taurus Woman is Interested in You

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How to impress taurus woman

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The romantic in her wants to be a muse, so show her that her presence moves or inspires. Some sort of decadent sweet must be served for dessert, preferably by hand right to their mouths.

How to impress taurus woman

A Taurean women is conservative; therefore, do not expect her to be extremely chirpy, loud, or jovial when she meets you, asks you out for a date, or even takes your number. This Venusian Earth sign is a covert goddess of love, so deciphering whether she really likes you or not will require the all your powers of observation and deduction.

How to impress taurus woman

How to impress taurus woman

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  1. A Taurus woman is rarely swayed or beaten by hard times. The Venusian influence imparts a love of the arts.

  2. A gourmet meal will do wonders. She appreciates a man who knows how to maintain his weight and health and does not waive off healthy methods of living.

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