Paraskevidekatriaphobia: Fear of Friday, the 13th, and 10 Phobias You Can't Pronounce

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How to pronounce arachibutyrophobia

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Dulcifluous is a new favourite word of mine and my son loved Zamboni. Or a game of cat's cradle that spun out of control? Seriously, how can anybody who suffers from the fear of long words ever be expected to tell people what their diagnosis is?

How to pronounce arachibutyrophobia

At the time of Shakespeare, it was Latin and French that were considered civilised languages - English was for the common herd, not scholars. And the more they read, the more they'll love it and the more likely they'll become a sesquipedarian!

How to pronounce arachibutyrophobia

How to pronounce arachibutyrophobia

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  1. Because of the relative isolation of this area, this "Tidewater" accent has changed only slightly in years and is sometimes said to be the closest we will ever get to the sound of Shakespearean English. This has occurred in the development of American English.

  2. Maybe there's a word or two they didn't know-- or didn't know how to pronounce. It was still a foreign language to many parts of Britain.

  3. She beautifully interpreted our scribbles into fantastical illustrations. He's passionate about it.

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