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Idealmature com

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In both herds, the smallest cows had the greatest weaning efficiency; that is, they weaned more pounds of calf per unit of mature weight, which was no surprise having been reported in other studies. February On Target Ideal mature cow size Few topics today are cussed and discussed as widely as ideal mature size for the average beef cow.

Idealmature com

Arkansas data agreed in part, but the greater efficiency in smaller cows there provided no profit advantage over large cows because greater forage resources were available. And while the forage environments were very different in this case, there were several similarities between the trials. The abundance of genetic knowledge and diversity available within the leading breeds offer commercial ranchers the chance to select for larger or smaller cows that match ranch environment while ensuring calves carry genetics to supply the increasing demand for premium quality beef beyond the ranch gate.

Idealmature com

Idealmature com

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  1. Drought provided a natural limit for studies of cow size in the context of limited resources.

  2. Stocking rates per acre were markedly different as well, from lb. In these trials, the Angus-based herds were evaluated in October for weaning efficiency based on pounds of calf weaned divided by mature cow weight.

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