Inglorious Bastards

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Incredulous bastards

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Along the way the group meets a fellow deserter from the opposing side in friendly German soldier Corporal Adolf Sachs , who agrees to help guide the Americans to the border. He keeps it up inside his helmet, leading to a funny reveal when asked how long he's "been in" - he responds by taking his helmet off and letting the uncut hair cascade down. He previously cameoed as a German in his own Inglorious Bastards and reprised the same role in this film, but under a different rank and SS organization.

Incredulous bastards

Jackson and Harvey Keitel , who have both previously starred in Tarantino's films, make small voice-only contributions as the narrator and an OSS commander, respectively. Aldo Raine talking to the Basterds, informing them of the plan to ambush and kill, torture, and scalp unwitting Nazi servicemen, intercut with various other scenes from the film.

Incredulous bastards

Incredulous bastards

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  1. After several misadventures, which sadly includes the death of Adolf, the "Inglorious Bastards" mistakenly kill a group of American troops disguised as German ones, who were on a commando mission to destroy a Nazi train.

  2. According to the site's critical consensus, "A classic Tarantino genre-blending thrill ride, Inglourious Basterds is violent, unrestrained, and thoroughly entertaining. During World War II , a group of Allied prisoners are in the process of being transferred to a prison.

  3. Jackson and Harvey Keitel , who have both previously starred in Tarantino's films, make small voice-only contributions as the narrator and an OSS commander, respectively. They include Fred Canfield , a black soldier who murdered a white sergeant for a racial insult, deserter Berle, mutineer Tony , thief Nick Colasanti and Army Air Corps pilot Lieutenant Robert Yeager, who is in trouble for flying his plane to England to visit his girlfriend there.

  4. It has little to do with the similarly-named Inglourious Basterds , although Quentin Tarantino admitted that his film was influenced by the original and gave Castellari a Remake Cameo as a German general. Instead he trimmed the script, using his script for Pulp Fiction as a guide to length.

  5. He claimed the swastika was not supposed to fall either, as it was fastened with steel cables, but the steel softened and snapped. During the dinner, he told Laurent, "Do you know something—there's just something I don't like.

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