Interfaith Dating and Marriage

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Interfaith dating

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In ancient days, this varna system was strictly professional division based on one's profession. I'm sorry if the advice I am about to give seems overly simplistic, but it is based on all of my experience reading about successful marriage and counseling engaged and married couples about their relationships.

Interfaith dating

Generally speaking, people from different faiths can marry and succeed in staying together if they each agree on the religion they will practice or if they agree that they are not religious and do not consider themselves to be of any religious persuasion. This has been debated, since the religion promotes gender equality which the law violates. I have seen many of these types of arrangements succeed quite well.

Interfaith dating

Interfaith dating

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  1. Religious people are not inherently weak because they see Godly beauty and structure in the world around them. They are being married by a judge.

  2. First of all, do you think it is inappropriate to recite the sheva berakhot at a mixed marriage?

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