Irukandji most venomous but box jellyfish kills faster

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But under changing ocean conditions, could more of these dangerous jellyfish be moving farther south along the Queensland coast? The southern extent of the Irukandji's range on Australia's eastern coast has been gradually moving south, a shift attributed to climate change. Judging from statistics, it is believed that the Irukandji syndrome may be produced by several species of jellyfish, but only Carukia barnesi and Malo kingi have so far been proven to cause the condition.


The hypothesis is that the feature enables the jellyfish to be more likely to catch its prey of small fish. So with all those changes underway, and expected to continue this century, we need to consider how Irukandji jellyfish could respond. Coral reefs do exist in south-east Queensland, but their total area and diversity is small and this may prevent populations of Irukandji from becoming established south of the Great Barrier Reef.



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  1. So although the jellyfish may reach south-east Queensland in the future, our research raises some hope that they may not thrive.

  2. Australia has only had two confirmed deaths from irukandji and though the real figure could be higher, there have been 71 cases of death from box jellyfish sting. While scientists have never been able to find polyps in their natural environment, adult jellyfish have been observed spawning near coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef, suggesting that coral reefs may be their natural habitat.

  3. This is particularly apparent on the eastern coast of Australia, with the strengthening East Australian Current delivering warmer tropical waters farther south. Irukandji jellyfish are very small, with a bell about 5 millimetres 0.

  4. Dr Gershwin said the treatment was absolutely remarkable, though not suited to every species.

  5. Those symptoms can include vomiting, generalised sweating and severe pain in the back, limbs or abdomen, a sense of impending doom and a rapid heart beat. When properly treated, a single sting is normally not fatal, but two people in Australia are believed to have died from Irukandji stings in during a rash of incidents on Australia's northern coast attributed to these jellyfish [3] [24] [25] [26] ógreatly increasing public awareness of Irukandji syndrome.

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