Jake's is awesome - Jake's Texas Tea House

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Jakes texas tea house

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This place was one of the most interesting restaurants at which I've ever eaten. Too full for dessert but will try it next time! We will definitely be back.

Jakes texas tea house

And they have live music on Saturdays. Chill atmosphere with really cool decor that has lots of eye candy. My brother had the HB steak and again it could have used more seasoning.

Jakes texas tea house

Jakes texas tea house

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  1. Banana pudding was homemade with merengue rather than whipped cream which was another like home touch. The pot roast was tender but not mushy with really good flavor.

  2. I had the pot roast and it could have used a little more seasoning and garlic but it was good. Saturday nights is like a meat and three place, but better because the veggies are served family style and are all-you-can-eat.

  3. We were way too stuffed to even attempt one on this trip but we'll be back. I'd definitely do it again.

  4. I don't eat black eyed peas so can't review those but the green beans had zero seasoning.

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