The Beliefs and Practices of Jehovah’s Witness

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Jehovah witnesses rules

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Ministerial servants—appointed in a similar manner to elders—fulfill clerical and attendant duties, but may also teach and conduct meetings. Organizational structure of Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses are organized hierarchically , in what the leadership calls a "theocratic organization", reflecting their belief that it is God's "visible organization" on earth. They thus depart from the mainstream Christian belief that the " second coming " of Matthew 24 refers to a single moment of arrival on earth to judge humans.

Jehovah witnesses rules

This development will mark the beginning of the " great tribulation ". However, Penton also notes that avoidance of "demonistic practices" has released many people in Africa and Latin America from fear of spirits.

Jehovah witnesses rules

Jehovah witnesses rules

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  1. They avoid such customs as wakes, funeral celebrations and anniversaries, and sacrifices for the dead.

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