The Jewish Ethicist: Widows and Orphans

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Jewish widows

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But despite having finally completing the process, which should have permitted her to remarry, the state rabbinical court in Jerusalem refused in July to grant her permission to remarry, even though it recognized that the halitza ceremony had been performed in accordance with Jewish law. Lavi will appeal the case to the Supreme Rabbinical Court of Appeals, although the process will take years because of a large case-backlog in the court.

Jewish widows

The Torah tells us, "Don't cause anguish to any widow or orphan" Exodus She initially believed that performing the halitza ceremony would be a formality, but her father-in-law demanded that she pay NIS , for his son, the brother of her late husband, to perform the ceremony.

Jewish widows

Jewish widows

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  1. The rabbinical court ruled that since she had lived with a man and had children with him before the halitza ceremony was performed, she was no longer permitted to marry him according to Jewish law. Someone who has enough is always obligated to provide for those who are needy, but we should pay particular attention to the widow because of the unusual difficulties she has in supporting herself and often simultaneously raising a family.

  2. Earlier this year, a judge in the family court finally arranged a compromise agreement between the two sides, whereby Lavi agreed to pay the family NIS 20,, and in return the family promised to permit the halitza ceremony to be conducted. In general, we should learn from the Torah's attitude towards widows that we should display special consideration towards anyone who is financially or emotionally vulnerable.

  3. The rights of the widow in the husband's estate have, in the main, been set forth under Ketubah , and are secured by the contract. Where the widow is, under the husband's appointment, guardian of his infant children, an oath can be demanded by the heirs as to her management, unless the husband has in writing freed her from rendering such an oath Ket.

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