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Karachi defence zip code

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The new government of the Pakistan Muslim League allotted most of the property left over by the departing Hindus and other groups to the Indian immigrants who had taken an active part in the creation of Pakistan. Karachi is also the software outsourcing hub of Pakistan. Culture Mohatta Palace Karachi is home to some of Pakistan's important cultural institutions.

Karachi defence zip code

It has boundaries with Safari Park, Gulshan e Iqbal, Faisal base and many other famous buildings and road. Non-governmental and international sources report that Karachi's current population is estimated to be 20 million [7] a huge increase over its population in , These refugees now number more than one million and consist of a number of ethnic groups:

Karachi defence zip code

Karachi defence zip code

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  1. Karachi has an Expo centre which hosts many regional and international exhibitions. The main feature of the venture is supposed to be a revolving restaurant, which will also contain a viewing gallery offering a panoramic view of the coastline and the city.

  2. Most refugee minorities of the city live in poor neighborhoods. Clifton Karachi Postal Code Clifton is one of the most modern and business area of Karachi is very famous for its beach and parks.

  3. Call centers for foreign companies have been targeted as a significant area of growth, with the government making efforts to reduce taxes by as much as 80 percent in order to attract foreign investment in the IT sector. Karachi has a number of internationally-recognized educational institutes and several public and private universities.

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