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There would therefore have been plenty of incentive for anyone discovered to have gone to any lengths to keep their activities secret had they been seen. Considering it was tough fabric with several buttons, the entrance could take 30 to 40 seconds to close up properly.


You cut a slit in the side of the tent to try and see ambient light outside, still pitch black. If it hadn't been for Yuri Yakimov revealing the light set events, I would have went with military. This again would account for what appears to be the bizarre behaviour of the group on that final night.



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  1. As a matter of interest, Professor Acheson has a great deal of experience in skiing and climbing in harsh conditions and has climbed Mount Everest.

  2. He attempts to climb the tree to escape their wrath and the tree is surrounded and someone climbs up after them. You go to switch on a flash light torch but that is not working, you light a match but that produces no light yet you can feel the heat.

  3. The group makes its way down to the tree line in single file, a fire is made at the base of the tree potentially even with the missing diary and methanol fuel. Andre has suggested that the bizarre behaviour exhibited by the group cutting their way out of the tent, rather than taking the time to go through the front, may not just be due to the fear of what was outside but the possibility is that if the group had lost their way in the extreme weather conditions it is a fact that Kholat Syakhl was not on their planned route , it is possible that due to the extreme cold and exposure on the mountainside, the group or some members of the group succumbed to hypothermia and becoming disorientated and agitated started to slash their way out of the tent and move away from it.

  4. Of course, we don't know if one of the Dyatlov group pinched his wallet or whether he simply lost it, but we do know he took it serious enough for the police to become involved, perhaps he called them himself, or perhaps a scuffle broke out that attracted their attention; maybe Serov police records still exist that might shed more light on it.

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