20 Facts About Kissing

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Kissing helps burn calories

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Video about kissing helps burn calories:

Kiss just ten minutes a dayŚnot hard to reach when you take into account kissing goodbye, kissing hello, and random affectionate smooches throughout the dayŚand you can burn more than five pounds a year! Suckling and kissing are nearly identical. This helps to create a protective shield on teeth and prevent formation of plaque.

Kissing helps burn calories

There are not many other workouts that have that much going for them! There are more interesting facts about kissing that we will cover in our upcoming lists. Male and female lips both have a close resemblance with vaginal lips.

Kissing helps burn calories

Kissing helps burn calories

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  1. The excitement that kissing causes tends to raise your heart rate, which is essential for weight loss and calorie burning.

  2. A Japan ese medieval manuscript has a warning for men. One passionate kiss can burn up to 6.

  3. These are proto-Germanic words that were probably derived from the sound that actually comes out when two people kiss each other. Savolium or a deep kiss, Basium or a lip kiss and Osculum or a cheek kiss are the three different types of kisses that were created by Romans.

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