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In the Afro-Argentines numbered only about in a city population of 8 million. The French spoken in Haiti constitutes a language of its own. Thus, in plantation societies, opportunities for emancipation did not come easily, whereas in regions where the economy was more diversified, the free black and mulatto population expanded considerably.


In the sugar-producing areas and other plantation-based economic units of Brazil, the Caribbean, and the lowlands of Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, the rights of slaves as well as free persons of color tended to be legally circumscribed. Between and , Spain shipped out hundreds of Spanish-born Africans, called Ladinos, to work as laborers, especially in the mines. That's not the case anymore.



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  1. Aspects of the African ethnic subculture were eventually adopted by the mainstream. Politics The Maroon settlements in the days of slavery were attempts to form black states; they were, in effect, states within states.

  2. Nearly all daytime opinionated news programs were replaced with more generic news programs. NBC executive Tom Rogers was instrumental in developing this partnership.

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