Cougars Fall To Lions in Close Road Game

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Lca cougars

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Anna Reimink will fill our point guard position. Fancil scored 15 points and added three blocks, three steals, and a pair of rebounds and assists to overcome seven turnovers. Kalamazoo will meet LCA in the final at 4 p.

Lca cougars

Sophomore Cade Crawley had no problem settling into the spotlight and led Holy Cross with 11 points and hit three triples. Holy Cross only made 15 of 47

Lca cougars

Lca cougars

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  1. The swish gave the senior guard points number 1, through 1,, causing a timeout for reference of the historical moment. An offseason to help strengthen her surgically repaired knee should only help Fancil get better.

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