Understanding and Dating a Libra Man

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Libra men jealous

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He's very likely to respond with a reaction that is opposite of what you'd expect, just to keep everything in balance. Talk about something that you have read.

Libra men jealous

In order to do this, pay close attention when you are deciding things together. He'll directly confront them and attempt to find out why he's being ignored and talk through the problem. At the same time, most Libra males are the epitome of faithfulness and they tend to be very trustworthy in relationships unless you've been an utter cow to him for years and years on end.

Libra men jealous

Libra men jealous

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  1. Start a philosophical discussion, and take an unconventional position. You will need to do a bit of a guessing game.

  2. Of course, he wants to get along with others and wants them to like him and enjoy his company, but any interaction is better than none for a Libra man. Carefully analyzing the current situation, it will make appropriate conclusions.

  3. If he hears the feelings of others, he is far more likely to open up about his own. If he responds with anger or defensiveness, that is a really good sign.

  4. I am not a overly jealous person, that for me is too much work to be on a constant watch towards you partner. If he tells you that there is nothing wrong, you have a lot more work to do.

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