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Local slags reviews

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The class will finish around Phoenix Services employs dedicated people whose sole responsibility is to market materials generated from steel mill processes.

Local slags reviews

We work with local and state government road and highway representatives, as well as local contractors, to provide specification and non-specification products. A vibrating grizzly provides for the separation of large scrap and slag pieces to allow efficient magnet separation of scrap and proper sizing of slag as materials move over and through screen decks.

Local slags reviews

Local slags reviews

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  1. Phoenix Services management works toward creating good working relationships with local and state governments to approve slag for road construction and other applications as well as determining markets for other by-product materials.

  2. Briquetting and pelletizing both reduce your operating costs by minimizing the need to purchase iron units on the open market and by avoiding potential disposal costs for various iron bearing materials. For example, charge buckets and specially designed charge bucket carriers may provide an efficient transport method or scrap may be transported in heavy-duty trucks to be dumped into charge buckets at the melt shop.

  3. Phoenix Services provides a number of options for the transport of purchased scrap from inventory to the scrap bay or melt shop. Phoenix Services personnel will work with you to determine the most efficient and cost effective method for your plant.

  4. Slag Sales Phoenix Services provides an experienced slag sales representative at each operating site to assure steel slag and blast furnace slag products are sized and priced to the appropriate local market and ensure slag is sold on a timely basis and does not accumulate on the steel mill property.

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