top 5 songs for a lonely, broken heart

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Lonely broken heart

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You should be watching the light filtering from the window, the empty glasses and knocked over bottles on the table. All you have to do is accept the fact that it's over, see yourself happy again, plan things that will fill the void in your life and work with your plan. The unfeigned need to be swallowed in something that allows you to forget, the pressures and squeaks in the song wraps like the world when there is no way out except this, and this is wallowing, self hatred, denial glossed over by substances that break the mind into pieces.

Lonely broken heart

Nights where journals run out of pages faster than you'd believe, and paint splatters on canvas with a reckless despair you have become immune to. Another way to get rid of loneliness is to join a support group.

Lonely broken heart

Lonely broken heart

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  1. And there is this song, in its grand verses, the bells and whistles, its painting of a world, a creature, like you, like me, pondering all of it, the sadness, the loss, the sense of complete loss of hope.

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