Good Conversation Topics for Long-Distance Relationships

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Long distance conversation starters

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Timeless Message Advance to the next page to see more long distance relationship activities and ideas! Our faves are Venngage and Piktochart.

Long distance conversation starters

When words are all that exist to connect to the other person, it is best to make the conversations really count. This practice also disciplines you to notice little things to discuss with your partner. Get a plastic bottle.

Long distance conversation starters

Long distance conversation starters

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  1. Purchase a custom message in a bottle here: Are there any goals you want to set for your relationship?

  2. Check out FruityLoops and Acid if you want to use a more advanced program they cost money, but both have free trials. Everyday Things Sometimes all there is to talk about is the mundane.

  3. And Frank always tells me he wants to take me to a place in particular, but you know what?

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