Erogenous zones

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Male erotic zones

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Skin is sexy as hell, and has a huge role to play in the sexual experience. It will really get his imagination going on the right track. While we will be listing many unexpected erogenous zones on the terrain of the male body, do keep in mind that this article is in no way all-inclusive.

Male erotic zones

Your engine might get revved up when your partner touches you someplace that we have not listed, or you might find some of these zones to be unappealing. Though not all guys may be as responsive, but his nipples could drive him crazy almost as much as it does with women. Back of the knees:

Male erotic zones

Male erotic zones

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  1. Try putting that silver tongue to use with a sensuous lick, or get your teeth involved.

  2. It's sensitive to any kind of touch, so don't forget it during foreplay. A gentle caress of this area before you go for the buttons on his pants can really add a special touch to your intimate moments.

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