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Midland hearkenback to a time when an artist's personal style —colorful suits, tailored denim and well-worn hats —dovetailed with the music. And they tip theirhats to other groundbreaking artiststhroughout On the Rocks.


Certain of the exceptions to the three-type rule, and one unique experimental engine which ran trials on the Midland, deserve mention in their turn. Baxter considers Journal of the Stephenson Locomotive Society, March, it probable that Kirtley, though a Birmingham and Derby Junction man, appropriated the North Midland numbering system for use in the Midland Railway stock list. From the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway came several single "express" engines, by Tayleur and Forrester, the former with 6ft.



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  1. In the first length of steel track ever used commercially was laid down at the north end of Derby station at a place where heavy traffic had formerly required the replacement of the iron rails every six months or so.

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