Best Craigslist Missed Connection Ever? The Heartbreaking Story Of Lost Subway Love

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Missed connections nyc subway

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When the train returned to Queensboro Plaza, I craned my neck as we entered the station. Read the post below. Several times we looked at each other and then looked away.

Missed connections nyc subway

But no, you were gone. You had black rimmed glasses, green jacket, big backpack. Please leave your comments below… Follow Us.

Missed connections nyc subway

Missed connections nyc subway

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We cut the sun set over Instant as we come the East River. And when we got to Tell Island, I extended I had to say something. Missed connections nyc subway

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  1. We must have heard a million mariachi bands, had our faces nearly kicked in by a hundred thousand break dancers. And I thought about how amazing it is that you can know somebody for sixty years and yet still not really know that person at all.

  2. At one point, I caught you staring at me and you immediately averted your eyes. At one point, I caught you staring at me and you immediately averted your eyes.

  3. The top venue for year-olds was an ice cream shop, for year-olds a bar, and for year-olds a strip club or adult bookstore. I memorized the folds of your body, the contours of your face, the patterns of your breath.

  4. Perhaps I would see you, smiling and bright, your long gray hair waving in the wind from the oncoming train. With a bit of imagination, the tremendous post reveals the story of two straphangers who rode the Q train for 60 years together, surviving on candy handouts.

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