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Movies playing in north haven ct

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Enhanced, digital surround sound from plus speakers gives guests the feeling they are actually in the movie. Reclining seats The theater features a total of 1, large, luxury recliners.

Movies playing in north haven ct

Patrons can have their feet lifted a few inches or can recline all the way back with their feet in the air. During a viewing Tuesday of the 3-D trailer of the newest Star Wars movie, set to come out in December, lightsabers sliced into the audience, fire flew into the air, a hand seemed to reach through the screen at the audience, and the sound of spacecraft echoed throughout the theater walls.

Movies playing in north haven ct

Movies playing in north haven ct

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  1. There are also discounts for early birds, discounts on Tuesdays, and senior days which are Mondays. Each brown leather seat adjusts with the push of a button.

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