Florence Nightingale Effect

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Nightingale syndrome

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The last we see of her is her vaguely telling him "you don't have to worry about it, I took care of everything", implying that she had an abortion, but years later, we learn that she DID have the baby a lawyer serves him with papers after she dies and he places the child for adoption. It would turn out that they were faking it, and when they admitted they were conscious and reciprocated her feelings As per her "Oh, if only you were well and we could be together!

Nightingale syndrome

Criminal Intent episode, Detective Goren notes with mild surprise that both the ex and current wife of a Stephen Hawking Expy are nurses. Subverted in that it turns out that she's his childhood friend , is working for the bad guys not that you can blame her

Nightingale syndrome

Nightingale syndrome

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  1. It is first invoked by a doctor in a local hospital where he encouraged his nurses to romance with the ill patients they are attending.

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