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Norfolk slags

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A spokesman for Harsco Corp. But from Swaffham to Cromer, there are hundreds of picturesque towns and villages all over East Anglia where the folk are as friendly as the places are quirkily named. OSHA's statement pledging an investigation came after a public appeal last month from the nonprofit group Public Citizen, which contended that manufacturers of abrasives are violating federal rules requiring disclosure to workers of toxic chemicals in products they're working with.

Norfolk slags

Beryllium is carcinogenic as well, but inhaling small amounts of the metal dust also can cause chronic beryllium disease, a pneumonia -like condition involving breathing difficulty, weakness and possible heart problems. State regulations governing the handling and storage of coal-combustion waste byproducts require precautions to keep contaminants from seeping into ground water or nearby streams. Cohen pointed out that many workplaces had shifted years ago to coal and copper slag for blasting, after it became clear that blasting with sand was exposing workers to harmful silica, which can also cause serious lung disease if inhaled.

Norfolk slags

Norfolk slags

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  1. State regulations governing the handling and storage of coal-combustion waste byproducts require precautions to keep contaminants from seeping into ground water or nearby streams.

  2. With its agricultural history, Norfolk has an unjustified reputation for being the incest and zoophilia capital of the England, conjuring up images of five-limbed kissing cousins shagging Fresians in the cornfields.

  3. Adding to the group's concern is that the exposure limit set by OSHA is many times higher than what occupational health experts believe is safe.

  4. But Adam Finkel, a University of Pennsylvania law professor and former OSHA official who dealt for years with beryllium exposure issues, said testing has shown that when blasted via high-pressure nozzles against a surface, slag particles break down into dust, increasing the potential for exposure to contaminants.

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