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Oaktown usa

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During this period Oakland did not have sufficient health facilities, so some of the infected patients were treated at home. The city's expensive electric streetcar fleet was converted to the cheaper diesel buses. The city gradually annexed farmlands and settlements to the east and the north.

Oaktown usa

Oaklanders refer to their city's terrain as "the flatlands" and "the hills". In addition, the city participated in large development and urban renewal projects, concentrated especially in the downtown area, at the Port of Oakland , and at the Oakland International Airport.

Oaktown usa

Oaktown usa

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  1. Tensions between the black community and the largely white police force were high, as expectations during the civil rights era increased to gain social justice and equality before the law. Many structures in Oakland were badly damaged including the double-decker portion of Interstate that collapsed.

  2. Plague epidemic[ edit ] Oakland was one of the worst affected cities in California that was impacted by the plague epidemic. Roosevelt called on defense industries with government contracts to integrate their workforces and provide opportunities for all Americans.

  3. Oakland's Moore Dry Dock Company expanded its shipbuilding capabilities and built over ships. Eddie Rickenbacker and Navy Lt.

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