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A player is in an 'offside position' if they are in the opposing team's half of the field and also "nearer to the opponents' goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent. It becomes an offence only if the ball is played or touched by a teammate while they are in an offside position and the player subsequently becomes involved in active play according to the definitions given in the Laws of the Game no matter if any of these events occur after they move to an onside position. This position may have been forced by the defenders moving forward in what is called the offside trap.


When a player has kicked the ball any one of the same side who is nearer to the opponent's goal line is out of play and may not touch the ball himself, nor in any way whatever prevent any other player from doing so until the ball has been played, but no player is out of play when the ball is kicked from behind the goal line As football developed in the s and s, the offside law proved the biggest argument between the clubs. When the original Laws of the Game were first drafted in no forward passes of any sort were permitted, except for kicks from behind the goal line. The blue forward on the left of the diagram is in an offside position as he is in front of both the second-to-last defender marked by the dotted line and the ball.



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  1. When the offside offence occurs, the referee stops play and awards an indirect free kick to the defending team from the place where the offending player became involved in active play.

  2. The difficulty of offside officiating is often underestimated by spectators. A ruleset dating from found in the library of Shrewsbury School is probably closely modelled on the Cambridge Rules and is thought to be the oldest set still in existence.

  3. History[ edit ] The word "offside" comes from a military term for a man trapped behind enemy lines, where he is said to be "off the strength of his side". Like fouls, however, any play such as the scoring of a goal that occurs after an offence has taken place, but before the referee is able to stop the play, is nullified.

  4. However, the application and enforcement of offside rules can be complicated, and can sometimes be confusing for new players as well as for spectators. The execution requires careful timing by the defence and is considered a risk, since running up field against the direction of attack may leave the goal exposed.

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