The Olden Days

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Olden day school

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When the dyed cloth or twine is dry, the students can glue their samples onto stiff paper or cardboard and write the name of each dye next to the samples. For a less complicated process that still shows part of the complexity of making butter, you can churn the cream in baby food jars.

Olden day school

I forgot, and in a last minute bid to avoid punishment I "invented" and drew a very colourful moth that I named a pazla moth. Invite students to look carefully and critically at the pictures and see what similarities and differences they find in comparison to today's schools. Later we used a pen and ink.

Olden day school

Olden day school

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  1. She volunteered to visit our class to demonstrate wool carding and spinning for our class. To make the experience more realistic and fun, we also administered several mock "punishments" for minor infractions such as fidgeting or not looking at the teacher having told parents and students in advance that we were going to do this!!

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