The Uncircumcised Penis: A Userís Manual

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Oral sex uncircumsized

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I did a search and saw the title of that thread and thought it was about an under experienced guy who happened to be uncut and was insecure or something. While techniques are wonderful to learn, being excited, experimental, and playful with foreskin and the person they are attached to is equally important. In fact, many circumcised boys are of Muslim or Jewish faith.

Oral sex uncircumsized

This is achieved through stretching the penile shaft tissue and leftover lining of the inner foreskin. I didn't notice the difference at first -- unless you're really looking, it's difficult to discern an intact penis from a circumcised one when the penis is erect.

Oral sex uncircumsized

Oral sex uncircumsized

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  1. But really, ethnomethodologist's advice above is the only ultimate truth -- you cannot generalize about the penis.

  2. There are some reports that say that the gliding you felt when you gave him a hand job can also come in handy during sex.

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