Young padawans receive special Jedi Knight training

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Padawan sex

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Obi-Wan had been slacking off in his studies lately, and frankly seemed to be exhausted most of the time. He'd had the Talk with Obi-Wan several months ago when it became clear that several of the female Padawans were looking at the boy with decided interest.

Padawan sex

Probably he figured, look how much the no-love rule wrecked my old man, I'm not going there. Wouldn't want to give anything away.

Padawan sex

Padawan sex

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I'm only that I glance't been performing up to your things. Padawan sex the silence replied and still Obi-Wan mature nothing, he bid in a deep crutch and let it out.

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  1. That's so callous, so cynical, so Perhaps the boy thought that this plea of privacy, of this unspoken secrecy, would be accepted without question.

  2. But he had to admit that he sometimes did not follow his own advice - especially now. For a dare challenge on another site; The dare is at the end of the story.

  3. It would have made way more sense if the Jedi were supposed to be celibate, like Catholic clergy.

  4. Obi-Wan has been returning to the Temple without telling his Master where he's been and what he's been doing.

  5. With a low growl of frustration, he lay there, staring up into the blackness of his room - thinking about his failures with Obi-Wan, what he should have done and had not, what inadvertent mistakes he made with his apprentice, his own selfish desires to do what he thought was right at the time. He was just a foolish old man worrying about the last apprentice he would ever have.

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