The Par?s Bistro in SLC - Picture of the paris Bistro, Salt Lake City

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Paris bistro slc menu

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I don't think it's ever been better. Those who've been around long enough to remember the aforementioned Le Parisien restaurant will probably also remember the backbone of Max Mercier's service staff: Both are gone, but not forgotten.

Paris bistro slc menu

I'd never encountered salmon with Moroccan spices and flavors before, but it's something I'll be trying to replicate at home: I don't think it's ever been better.

Paris bistro slc menu

Paris bistro slc menu

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  1. Somehow, The Paris Bistro manages to capture and shine on its customers that special light that the City of Lights is so well known for.

  2. I looked around and, for a moment, thought I was sitting in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

  3. Le Parisien never offered cutting-edge cuisine but provided comfort and warmth with every meal. The solution, of course, it simply to eat at The Paris more often—which is definitely on my to-do list.

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