Pawpaw picking up is rare

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Pawpaw tree mature

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Mine is planted within 12 feet of a long leaf pine on the south side of a densely treed part of my yard. Some birds may also peck at the fruits, but they are less likely to distribute the seeds. Farther north one can find the Asimina triloba reaching small tree height and in the coastal areas Asimina parviflora.

Pawpaw tree mature

Which reminds me, historically, the pawpaw was under cultivation by Indians east of the Mississippi when de Soto traipsed through in One is the large leaf magnolia.

Pawpaw tree mature

Pawpaw tree mature

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  1. Chewed seeds will cause digestive problems, whole seed usually pass through. The spots become sunken, turn brown or black, and may get bigger.

  2. Pawpaw is the only member of the Custard Apple family in Illinois, which consists primarily of tropical and subtropical species.

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