Pee Chee Folders

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Peachies folders

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Of course, the school supply aisle was probably as diverse a few decades ago as it is today, lined with Trapper Keepers of a thousand neon faces. Rain Jokinen And yet, or those of us who do not know him well, Golden is the man who, 48 years ago, doodled the coed athletes on top of which millions of students would doodle inappropriate appendages, death metal band names, and screeds against substitute teachers. He says he was initially inspired in by the realization that many American middle and high schools now have police patrolling hallways and classrooms.

Peachies folders

The Pee Chee Portfolio first earned its reputation as doodle central starting in , thanks to the Western Tablet and Stationary Company. August Learn how and when to remove this template message These inexpensive folders are made of card stock with two internal pockets for the storage of loose leaf paper.

Peachies folders

Peachies folders

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  1. Pee-Chees have pockets located at the sides, not the bottom, which prevents the contents from falling out if the folder is inadvertently stored upside down. And for many students from decades past, the canvas of choice was the Pee Chee Folder, one of the most fondly-remembered school supplies of all time.

  2. And this Patrick Martinez art piece-cum-tee shirt design for Upper Playground scroll down.

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