Photobucket’s ‘ransom’ repercussion

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Photobucket backlash

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Video about photobucket backlash:

Of course, you could just pay the fee to have your images released, but as many users have complained, they feel that their images are being held hostage for what amounts to a ransom. In fact, as reported in the Denver Post , the cost to offer free hosting accounted for about 75 percent of the company's costs.

Photobucket backlash

From a business standpoint, you might understand why Photobucket elected to change their terms of service and begin charging people to host their images on their servers. And up until June of this year, that service was free and supported by advertising revenue. The problem for Photobucket is that the service was being used to host billions of images online - a service they say isn't sustainable without fees.

Photobucket backlash

Photobucket backlash

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3 thoughts on “Photobucket backlash

  1. In fact, as reported in the Denver Post , the cost to offer free hosting accounted for about 75 percent of the company's costs.

  2. But as Jared Polin points out in the video above, finding another free image hosting service will likely get you into the same situation at some point anyway.

  3. The company posted a short note online to let its users know there was a change to the terms of service, but, again, how many users actually frequent the terms of service page of any service or product they use? Second, Photobucket users have expressed a desire to switch to a different hosting platform in great numbers, which certainly isn't good news for Photobucket.

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