Platonic Life-Partners

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Platonic life partner

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While love might be fraught with complexities, two-way platonic affection is the one place where you can definitively say: Look at you pair.

Platonic life partner

They did once consider actually dating but decided it would just be too weird partly due to the fact that she was also involved with Kurt's Heterosexual Life Partner Colossus. It takes real live people making the choice to pursue this lifestyle rather than a conventional one where romantic-sexual relationships are primary.

Platonic life partner

Platonic life partner

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  1. The longer we lived together the more people began assuming that we were a closeted lesbian couple, or that we were in denial about our sexuality. How do they compare for you, the individual?

  2. Replies, giving an account of your personal experience, should reach us by Thursday. Alice and Jodie from Soap had one of these - both of them were gay but after two of their dates which nameless people clashed and they fought they decided to non-romantically date each other.

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