How to Deal With a Possessive Woman

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Possessive women

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What ever you say will either be taken completely out of context or will have no importance and no consideration will be spared for your feelings and eventually they will have you totally convinced that you are completely useless to the point where you will loose all faith in your own ability to do anything. However when there is belittling, you need to rethink about your relationship. There are several couples in India who think it is fine to be jealous and to accept jealousy from their partners.

Possessive women

She talks bad about everyone around: If your girlfriend does not one but all of the things above then may the lord be with you. Constant phone checking, complaining, hateful talks and stubborn behavior are some signs of a jealous and possessive girlfriend.

Possessive women

Possessive women

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  1. If the woman does not alter her behavior for the better after you have discussed it with her, you should strongly consider ending the relationship for your own emotional health.

  2. Be aware that they are usually very charming, but volatile, and can quickly switch from jekyll to hyde and back again at any time.

  3. Get ready to be mocked and laughed at when your girlfriend expects you to keep her picture in your wallet. This is a clear sign of being jealous and possessive.

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