Promiscuity in Indian society

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Promiscuity in india

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The survey follows an academic study branded Britain one of the casual sex capitals of the Western world, with residents having more one-night stands and more liberal attitudes than those in Australia, France, the Netherlands, Italy and the US. Certain statements made by Pandu about an age in which women in India were uncontrolled, licentious, self-willed and independent are further evidence of the prevalence of promiscuity.

Promiscuity in india

So in a world where a woman's moral fiber and worth as a human being are inextricably linked to her vagina, what do we do? The date went well and we were making out when he suddenly giggles at me, "I hope you don't do this with many guys".

Promiscuity in india

Promiscuity in india

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  1. Or is the forbidden suddenly not as forsaken as it used to be, with more men and women reaching out to one another, sans the baggage of already being in existing relationships?

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