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Reconnecting with old classmates

   28.03.2018  1 Comments

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Was great seeing you last week and we said we should catch up more, so let's catch up more?! Though initially I found it a bit too much to get uninterrupted messages on the group all through the day, but now I enjoy the sweet little jokes and positive vibes we share. But it was nice to actually talk to people you had grown up with, instead of just silently observing their lives on social media.

Reconnecting with old classmates

Homemaker Neena Kamat, who is part of her schoolmates' group said that most innocent and lasting friendships are formed while in school. Aman Sethi felt that school groups are not viable because its difficult to stay in constant touch due to changing lifestyles, individual likes and dislikes.

Reconnecting with old classmates

Reconnecting with old classmates

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  1. But at a recent wedding, we spoke for hours, covering her life, my life, how we'd changed, what we wanted for ourselves, our children, the world. We are a group of nearly 40 school friends who have been able to reunite after a long gap of 18 years.

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