Rockcliffe, Ontario

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Rockcliffe ontario

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References[ edit ] Payne, Stephen R. The library was originally funded, built and staffed through the efforts of Rockcliffe residents, but is now a branch of the Ottawa Public Library , with computer access, a charming children's area, a young adult section and regular adult section. Stornoway, residence of Canada's Leader of the Opposition Rockcliffe Park is and has been home to many Ottawa notables, including former prime ministers, senior civil servants, corporate leaders and many ambassadors to Canada.

Rockcliffe ontario

On March 25, , the native land claim which had been launched in was reported[ by whom? The library houses a special collection of art-related books called the Margaret A. The largely francophone neighbourhood of Vanier lies to the south.

Rockcliffe ontario

Rockcliffe ontario

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  1. In a native land claim was launched by the Algonquins of Ontario, essentially halting any progress on the transfer or sale of the lands until the claim had been settled. To the north, on the cliffs of the Ottawa River , there is public greenspace maintained by the National Capital Commission, also called Rockcliffe Park.

  2. As it was long a separate village not under the jurisdiction of Ottawa's municipal government, Rockcliffe Park differs from the rest of the city.

  3. The Canada Aviation and Space Museum is located on the old flight line with the airport also being used for delivering aircraft to the museum's collection.

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