Roller Derby Dating: A Survival Guide

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Roller derby dating

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Video about roller derby dating:

I know I stink. Want to jump into the game, but would rather not get hit?

Roller derby dating

Photos by Bob Ayers all rights reserved Share This. If you would rather just watch the bout, you can help out the league in other ways, too: The rule change actually happens, everybody freaks out and then everybody calms down.

Roller derby dating

Roller derby dating

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  1. Your neighbor from 10 years ago randomly messages you for advice on gear for her niece who wants to join a junior team in Denver. Dating a rollergirl is not for the faint of heart, gentlemen.

  2. Respecting her as a captain separately from our relationship is very important. Dating a rollergirl is not for the faint of heart, gentlemen.

  3. I work in sales, so I get people to agree with me all day long. She would challenge my sister and I to swim races on vacations when we were still in grade school; she beat us every time, of course.

  4. If your girl is new to roller derby, sit down, strap in and keep your hands inside the vehicle. Strike up a conversation, give them a high five and buy them a drink at the after party.

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