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Romantic fortune cookie messages

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Many save their favorites, carrying them around in a wallet. But each recognized the growing demand for fortune cookies and their baked-in aphorisms, and capitalized on it. More from The Week

Romantic fortune cookie messages

And if knowing the business origins of treasured, seemingly omniscient fortune cookie messages brings them disappointingly back to earth, they can at least still hang onto the belief that the cosmos conspired to land a particular cookie in their hands. One of the last such attempts to spice up messages was earlier this year, when the generally vague, sunny messages got a bit racier with quips like "The evening promises romantic interest" or "Romance and travel go together. Even when I go to Chinese restaurant I always share my fortune out loud with friends.

Romantic fortune cookie messages

Romantic fortune cookie messages

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  1. The epigrams originate in a handful of factories that each churn out upward of 4 million little slips of wisdom a day. Wonton Food contracts freelance writers once every couple years to craft new messages for the company's database of about 15, fortunes.

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