Salem witch trials

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Salem massachusetts 1962

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Squabbles over property were commonplace, and litigiousness was rampant. Events snowballed as the accusatory atmosphere intensified and reached a fever pitch. Three witches Pressured by Parris to identify their tormentor, Betty and Abigail claimed to have been bewitched by Tituba and two other marginalized members of the community, neither of whom attended church regularly:

Salem massachusetts 1962

Noyes began with a very pertinent and pathetic prayer, and Goodwife Corey being called to answer to what was alleged against her, she desired to go to prayer, which was much wondered at, in the presence of so many hundred people. Martha Carrier was unfortunate enough to land herself in a deathly land dispute with her neighbor, Benjamin Abbott.

Salem massachusetts 1962

Salem massachusetts 1962

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  1. The afflicted persons asked her why she did not go to the company of witches which were before the meeting house mustering. They saw the specter of a black man bending over the accused and heard the drum beat calling the witches to convene on the meetinghouse lawn.

  2. In a final plea for help during this time of mass hysteria, Proctor composed and sent a letter to the Boston clergy asking them to intervene or move the trials to Boston. Initially, Tituba also claimed to be blameless, but after being repeatedly badgered and undoubtedly fearful owing to her vulnerable status as a slave , she told the magistrates what they apparently wanted to hear—that she had been visited by the devil and made a deal with him.

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