Immunity in the oral cavity

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Saliva immune system

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Oral diseases secondary to systemic disease, e. Dry Mouth Dry mouth xerostomia is a chronic reduction in salivary flow. Salivary IgA serves to aggregate oral bacteria such as S.

Saliva immune system

Medical relevance Interest in oral immunology has heightened in recent years with the recognition that there are clinical associations between periodontitis and systemic diseases other chronic inflammatory diseases of the ageing population e. Saliva also keeps oral tissues healthy by preventing infection by controlling bacteria and fungi in the mouth.

Saliva immune system

Saliva immune system

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  1. Oral diseases secondary to systemic disease, e. Saliva also can cause microbes to clump together so they can be swallowed before they become attached to the surfaces of teeth and soft oral tissues.

  2. Saliva provides an effective barrier against drying and helps limit the penetration of physical irritants, toxins and carcinogens in foods, beverages and tobacco. The primary roles and benefits of saliva include:

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