Quake Swarm Continues To Rattle East Bay Residents

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San ramon earthquake swarm

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There is a complex zone of small faults in this transition area. The major series of events are the swarms in Alamo of blue and the sequences in San Ramon in and green and yellow. The last one of the long lasting swarms with nearly continuous seismic activity took place during five weeks in the fall of , when San Ramon and neighboring towns were shaken by more than seismic events.

San ramon earthquake swarm

There is a complex zone of small faults in this transition area. But if the past is any indication, these quakes could continue for months and fray the nerves of the people living there.

San ramon earthquake swarm

San ramon earthquake swarm

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  1. Geological Survey received reports from more than 1, people who said they felt the quake, extending from the East Bay and into San Francisco. Hence the swarms are thought to be the result of the transfer of the tectonic load from the Northern Calaveras Fault to the Concord-Green Valley and Mt.

  2. Several thousand smaller earthquakes occurred in the San Ramon Valley over the last five decades.

  3. The color of each "cloud" of dots on this map shows one of these swarms. Earthquake swarms like the one that began on Feb.

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